While we are developing the internal ecosystem of Foundry, it feels logical to also support our external ecosystems. The world is in need of sustainable solutions and innovations so that the planet has better means to cope with the current developments of climate change, consumerism, pollution and other environmental issues.

We at Foundry want to support those solutions by providing valuable insights and presenting the most interesting innovations; we want to raise questions, think about possible solutions and facilitate a platform for discussion.

We are launching a series of events under the theme of sustainability to discuss how can businesses - small or large - as well as individuals, support a positive impact on future.

We will host different topics from sustainable mobility and circular economy, to sustainable fashion and zero waste solutions, to mention a few. The events will be open for anyone interested in the topics, no matter you background or knowledge level.

The first event is to be held on the 28th of August about how Future Growth Will Rely on Sustainability, by discussing perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility. Our guest speakers, Nancy Thomas, the top influencer  in Luxembourg for Corporate Social Responsibility, and Gregor Waltersdorfer, a member of Foundry, who evaluates sustainability of businesses according to ECG methodology, will lead you into the sustainable future growth.

Register here to participate (free entry, registration required).

More information about the event here.

Irene Mäkelä is Foundry and MasonBower’s Project Leader. She’s responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of projects related to go-to-market strategies, market growth and branding, but also working closely on our sustainability events.

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