Foundry Fitness - Yoga A feel good flow class for all levels in slow tempo with special focus on stretch and core strength. In this vinyasa style class we work with basic asanas allowing you to explore poses for improved flexibility, strength and endurance. A combination of dynamic vinyasa style yoga but with time for stretch, recovery and stillness.

Meet Åsa Jacob and Sanna Peltonen; two sport enthusiasts in Luxembourg with our backgrounds in Sweden and Finland.

We offer training on a unique basis, by combining our varied experience - from Grounding and Yoga to intensive Cardio and Strength training - and your specific needs. We build a program with input from both of us, in the intensity that is required for you, for the time period you wish. This way you get to train with both of us, experiencing a varied program building stamina, toning your body, making you stronger. We are both greatly passionate about health and fitness, and through our work we hope to encourage you to develop yourself, finding your strengths and make you feel good! The only thing we want is that you will come to our classes with a positive mind - wanting to move because it makes you feel good. We hope we can teach you to enjoy sports and be able to make sport part of your daily life in a simple way. We on our side will be there to follow you, boost you, challenge you and make sure that you end up looking forward to your classes.

As of 2nd October, we give small group classes at Foundry. Max 8 people per class, please pre-book your spot on Foundry’s website.

Yoga — 60 min Every Wednesday after work: 18.00 - Instructor Åsa
Core — 45 minEvery Thursday at lunch time: 12.30 - Instructor Sanna