Cyber Security – Half day day event (date and details to be confirmed)
What you need to know about Cyber Security in 2020

Cyber security affects us all, all the time. Security reports from the last three years show that cyber threats are growing exponentially, affecting personal and organizational data, as well as critical infrastructures. 

The fast evolution of cyber threats makes keeping up a challenge and exposes even more our vulnerabilities – whether we are tech-savvy or not. Vulnerability is a feature now in common between large and small to medium-sized enterprises, public service providers and individual citizens.

With digital transformation speeding up, how can we secure our most valuable assets, ideas, plans, personal and sensitive data? This half-day event is designed to give a practical overview on cyber security from the latest state of cyber security threats, protection and policies to insights on what companies and organisations actually face everyday and what they are doing about it.

The event will bring leading professionals on stage (and online) available for Q&A and open discussions.

More info to come: Date to be confirmed, tickets and program to be posted!

The event is developed in collaboration between Foundry Europe and
EIPA (European Institute for Public Administration). EIPA will conduct a
comprehensive training on cyber security for anyone who handles sensitive
information in their work. The trainings are part of the European
Cyber Security Month and Luxembourg Cyber Security Week.