Foundry is the world’s first Conversion Hub. A unique business community that helps good ideas go to market. It’s how business ideas get real, as we like to say.

Key to this is our diverse community of specialists from Luxembourg and beyond that we call upon to make it all happen.

Each idea is different, so we tailor the team depending on the needs of a particular project.

If you’re a business or entrepreneur and have an idea for growth you’d like to validate and ultimately take to market, please do get in touch. Maybe you need market research, legal services, strategic planning, IP advice or creative services? We can provide whatever you need along the business journey – even the whole journey itself.

And if you think your skillset could help an idea go to market, get in touch to join our community. Just think of all the leads and client access you could benefit from.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Kiran Nambiar is Foundry's Community Manager. He's the one who knows how you can get the most out of Foundry. He can help you to make the right connections to collaborate and grow your business. 

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