Yesterday we welcomed Vroom Summit's Vroom Caravan and 12 local companies to Foundry.

The purpose of the day was for these companies to have a presentation in front of a panel made up of the Vroom team and selected influencers from the Luxembourg ecosystem: investors, business angels, tech execs and advisors.

The main VROOM Summit event is held in Monaco in October. Prior to each main event, the VROOM team travels across Europe to selected destinations in order to meet local companies and invite the best ones to Monaco.

This is the first time VROOM Summit was arranged in Luxembourg and we were honoured to host the event at Foundry.

Pictures taken by Dominika Montonen-Koivisto.

Kiran Nambiar is Foundry's Community Manager. He's the one who knows how you can get the most out of Foundry. He can help you to make the right connections to collaborate and grow your business.

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