19 ways to grow your business
A free 2-hour workshop by Result Rules OK for CEOs, business owners and other people interested in ways to grow your business.

At the workshop, the following things will be covered:

- Mindset Attitude and Behaviours of top performers
- Marketing Rules and Principles – getting enquiries to flow in
- Selling and closing – without being pushy
- Customer Service – keeping clients for life

About the speaker
David Holland has worked with companies all over the world over the last 17 years – from Accountants to Manufacturers, from Recruiters to Martial Artists – and he has distilled all this experience down into just 19 Strategies that all top-performing organisations utilize.

Delivered in his unique, fun and engaging style, prepare to be entertained and informed – there may be a few more than 19 tips too…

More info and registration on the Result Rules OK website.