Fabia Maia (PT - Hip Hop / R&B) + Esther Correia LU
Thursday, 23 January
Concert starts 8pm — doors open from 8.30pm
Fabia Maia (PT - Hip Hop / R&B) in concert
Intimate set with
Special guest: Gustavo Morales (percussions)
Warm-up: Esther Correia (LU)

Fábia Maia (PT - Hip Hop / R&B)
Fábia Maia is one of the most promising artist of Portugal’s contemporary music scene. With her authentic personality, sweet manner and soft voice, the hip hop singer and songwriter is allergic to prejudice and standards: “Don't tell me who I have to be, don't tell me what to wear and how much to weigh. I'm beautiful and human, that's enough, I'm not a product. ” Fábia, an international relations graduate, captivates the audience through her rhythm; an outcome of her musical research but also, she believes, of her natural gift as a girl from mixed heritage – her dad is a Brazilian from Fortaleza and her mom is Portuguese.    

The magic of music came into Fábia’s life at the young age of 11, when her maternal grandmother, who always told her she’d be an artist, gifted her a guitar. In 2014, success knocked at her door after posting videos on YouTube covering national raps. Within a few days she was contacted by a large number of fans as well by artists interested in working with her.

In 2015 Fábia went public with her own compositions. She participated in the First Festival Rhymes and Beats, began to make concerts and performances with other known artists. Knave is one of them, a special one who became a good friend. Highlights of the past years include a participation with Regula at the Sumol Summer Fest Festival, a presentation at the Caloiro'16 Reception in Castelo Branco and at the Hard Club in Porto, a recording Jimmy P and Jêpê, a concert with Jimmy P at the Casino de Lisbon and her participation in the NOS ALIVE Festival.

Fábia Maia represents a new female profile in Hip Hop - through her unique sound, which blends hip hop, soul and R&B, and through her lyrics which talk about love while condemning violence and prejudice… because human beings should be appreciated for who they are, independently of their gender, skin color or other stereotypes.


Entrance: 15 euros (1 drink incl.)
Reservation strongly advised.
Ticket link: https://www.weezevent.com/fabia-maia-in-concert?fbclid=IwAR3jkyf3VTUIpUJ0NgcCSScjLGk8iwtEj8dtneGMZfqZrgbaqiXmi7LwAgM

Organized by Itinerantes
in Collaboration with Foundry / Another Level Productions / Super Bock Luxembourg / kombustible / Patrizia Luchetta