Jean-Marc Fandel: Fit4Resilience: a state-sponsored transformation program
We are happy to announce that on Fridays in July we are arranging training sessions with four professionals. All sessions are linked to how to find new opportunities in the current situation and how to be able to move forward in these challenging times. This situation demands us all to rethink aspects of what we do and transform them to sustainable business models.

About the session
The pursuit of growth is not only a question of performance, it is also a question of survival. This year has changed everything and in order to grow, we need to re-think business models. But how to embrace this transformation in a healthy way? Luxinnovation has launched a transformation program to support businesses adapt their strategy. Jean-Marc will discuss how you can align sound strategy, reflection and robust execution.

About the trainer
Jean-Marc Fandel is an entrepreneur, scale up coach and board director. His background lies in operations and strategy with a 20 year experience as CEO, COO, non-executive director providing operational and strategic leadership in start-ups, high growth and established companies (turnaround, transformation, growth, diversification, acquisitions & exits). He has trained some one hundred entrepreneurs and executive teams over the last years to make a positive impact in a healthy working environment.

General information
Online / In person: The first 8 applicants for each course can attend in person, in COVID-19 compliant training rooms at Foundry Luxembourg. Additional applicants will be able to view the session as an interactive webinar through Google classroom. The streaming link will be shared with the confirmed participants close to the event.

Venue: 38 Route d’Esch, 1470 Luxembourg 

Requirements for attendance: No specific background/education is demanded to participate in the training sessions.

Fees: FREE

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