Having art around you in your workplace brings many benefits; you are more likely to be creative, you are more happy, it reduces stress, inspires dialogue and many more positive effects that art will bring to your wellbeing. But how do you find the right piece of art for your work office or living space? That’s what Foundry member Oksana Polyanska specialises in. Not only does she help individual artists promote their art, she also helps companies find the right art to display in their offices. 

Foundry is proud to host Oksana Polyanska, who not only brings in a lot of energy and enthusiasm but also a collection of a wide variety of suburban art in our spacious meeting room and lounge. Which truly compliments the space and provokes thoughts. 

A quote that inspires her is one of Coco Chanel: “If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.” She loves to make experiments and relay on her own intuition, in business and in her personal life. We had a chat with Oksana to find out more.

Oksana wants to bring art into the daily lives of all people, to accomplish her mission she established her company Art-Management

F: Tell us more about Art-Management?

Oksana: “I am an art advisor for individuals and corporates, my goal is to improve people’s wellbeing through art. With Art-Management, we promote visual and plastic artists from different countries to an international audience. We select the art very carefully with an eye on potential ‘Beyond Time’, and help them to grow. We want to bring these arts to daily life through creative integration into the working and living spaces but also through educational events. We give tailor-made solutions for visual artists, art-connoisseurs and companies in need of art.” 


Workspaces can often make or break the employees performance, not only does it help with their wellbeing it also helps work efficiency. Even during client meetings art can be important, art can be a great conversation starter or a way for brand elongation.

F: What are the various services that Art Management provide? 

Oksana: “Art-Management provides many different services. We help with workspace improvement by doing company philosophy reflections and business mission visualisations, turning those into art-environment recommendations. From coming up with concepts, making  strategic plannings, budgeting to the physical realisation. We provide ongoing controles and long term support.”


Art-Management helps as well with organising art-events and does art-lending. However, they are different from the everyday art-gallery. 

F: How is your company different from other art management businesses? 

Oksana: “Our brand unique sales point is that we are human-oriented, we think artworks should make you feel comfortable despite the trends, prestige and solvency.”

We are lucky to currently have Art-Management’s exhibition at Foundry, if you are curious and want to take a look, Oksana is happy to show you around.

Oksana is pleased to announce a free webinar about the well-being and human aspects of the working environment. An opportunity not to miss! Details: 

Topic: How to affect the people through the art-environment?
Art2Business / Art4Business / Business through Art: why and how (goals and realisation tools)

When: Thursday 28.05.2020, at 12.30.

Duration: 1h

- Art-environment as a visualisation of the business or individual’s mission, status and philosophy inside the working or living spaces. 

- Creating a desired mood in the working or living spaces 

- Stimulating a positive dialogue inside the negotiation spaces. 

- Social responsibility demonstration through art-events such as art-competitions, young artists support, art-educational activities.

Language: Presentation will be held in English, but you can ask questions in French, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

Register here: https://www.art-management.lu/

In need of art in your office? Don’t hesitate to contact Oksana and Art-Management to talk about the possibilities of your office. 

W: www.art-management.lu

E: [email protected] or [email protected] 

P: +352-661-311205

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Art-education-Art-management-410697689769835/

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oksanapolyanska/

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