Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg

The IBCL is pleased to invite you to an in-person event on:

Process Automation and Information Technology during Covid times and beyond - a tale of challenges and transformation.

Date: Wednesday, 8 December 2021 from 5.45pm CET.

Venue: Foundry, 38 Rte d'Esch, 1470 Luxembourg (street parking)

The Pandemic showed how unprepared the Corporate World and the Governments were. The Pandemic also unraveled the huge efforts of transformation and staying afloat while witnessing a sense of despair in the humanity in general around the globe. The session shall capture glimpse of those moments from corporate point of view. More of similar sessions, with different focus, to follow in the coming months.
Alireza Barekatain
Doctoral Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Automation and Robotics Group;  SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust.
Alireza shall present - a case study on how a leading gas valve manufacturing company of Luxembourg with presence in India transformed its assembly line to meet the sudden and unexpected demand for medical valves in Luxembourg.

Aditya Sharma
SVP Asia, Boson Energy
Aditya shall present how the corporate sector in India coped up with the prolonged lockdown and transformed itself to boost GDP from -24% in Q1, 2020 to +20% in Q1, 2021 and a 8.4% in Q2, 2021.

Registration and Protocols
The event is open to all members with an upper limit of 40. Corporates considering taking IBCL annual membership are welcome to enroll for two events per year on a complimentary basis.  Annual membership starts from 1st January 2022. Details on

Assembly shall start from 5.45pm. The session shall start sharp at 6.10pm and shall conclude around 7pm. Networking for 1 hour over Indian snacks and drinks shall follow.

Covid protocols shall apply. Right of admission reserved to those who would carry the vaccination certificate together with an ID card.

Link to event photos.

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Created in December 2008 and launched in March 2009, the Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg (IBCL) is one of the leading international bilateral chambers of Luxembourg  recognized by both the Indian & Luxembourg authorities.

It is a non-profit, non-political & neutral organization with a mission of creating, developing, fostering, enhancing & facilitating, as a two-way gateway, bilateral economic & business relationship in trade, finance, information technology, tourism, education & culture between India & Grand Duchy of Luxembourg including the Greater Region.

As a platform, IBCL provides opportunities to network with future business partners, to learn from experts, to share your knowledge and to expand your business.

Their vision is to be the main bilateral Indian business Chamber in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

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