“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs.

As a company that specializes in turning market insight into market interaction, there is no doubt in our mind that nowadays the creative industry has a vital role to play in a company’s success.

Digital revolution is reorienting consumer needs and thus the production plans and actions of corporations. Coming up with a unique novel product or service remains a prerequisite for success, but is no longer sufficient to secure market penetration; design, appearance and communication are key in order to turn good ideas into success. In a nutshell, the creative industry is increasingly becoming a crucial tool for successful innovation.

This is why we dedicated part of our Foundry space to creative people: to support international companies that are going through our Foundry market research program, to foster synergies between the creative sector and the corporate world, but also for our own inspiration. And as a company that is firmly anchored in Luxembourg we want to help showcase the country’s diverse, thriving pool of creative minds and talents.

On a side note, for many years Foundry’s building used to be home to a well-known Luxembourg marketing agency… so in many different ways the story is going full-circle.

If you are a creative, who works from home and is thinking about the benefits of having a regular workspace, a hot desk or just an occasional space to meet your clients, drop us a line and come visit. Foundry, with its bright and welcoming environment in the heart of Luxembourg-city might well be what you are looking for.

Get in touch with our Community Manager Kiran to talk more about your ways to become a part of the Foundry ecosystem.

Patrizia Luchetta is Foundry’s Marketing Manager with a wide history of working closely with both creatives and creative projects of a different sort.

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