Foundry member Ruchi Jaju is known as an enthusiastic, intelligent and passionate woman who can be rightly described as a LinkedIn and content marketing guru. Ruchi believes in the quote "There is no secret ingredient," which makes her a hard worker. Ruchi is determined to create her own path in life by the help of herself only. Her determination has paid off, through systematic work on her personal branding through a year’s time she successfully increased her community on LinkedIn, (an experience she also shared at Foundry in March during the event “Be an entrepreneur, not an echo”). After having gathered experience in many job sectors, Ruchi is now focused on sales, marketing and content writing. Working for the company Dramantram, Ruchi helps brands and businesses create their success stories through visual media production. 

Dramantram is a visual media production company, having expertise in video production, communication design, digital marketing and concept photography.  

Ruchi: “By the power of words, visual media (graphic design, UX/UI and animated videos) and a well-crafted content marketing strategy, we enable brands to reach out to a wider target audience, boost their sales and improve customer engagement.

As a business you want people to recognize you and choose you between thousands of other businesses. Branding is key for achieving visibility and a top-of-mind position, and that is what Dramantram specializes in.

“From where I see, our services are the hidden lifeline for any business,” Ruchi explains. “From launching to scaling the business, you need branding services for different needs;

—When you start a business, you need to create your business identity – so elements like creating your business logo, designing a website or mobile app, etc. form the basic to provide visibility to your business. 

—As your business entity is formed, you need to find and get more customers. In such cases, videos, brochures, catalogues, presentations, etc. act as your tools to help in pitching and attracting more leads.

—And now with social media, you need to keep your customers engaged all the time. So, you need content. This content could be in the form of texts, designs, gifs, short videos etc.”

Establishing a strong, engaging bond with your target audience is not an easy task, but very much needed if you want to keep and attract more customers. “Social media is an effective channel for marketing”, Ruchi establishes, “it is now possible to communicate, engage, build trust, and convert your prospects to clients in real-time.” 

In other words, Ruchi sees that businesses need visual communication services at all stages, from business launch to scaling ...and Dramantram can help you at all stages!


Contact Ruchi and Dramantram to ensure that your business has the top of the mind recall amidst your target audience! 


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