Social-Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Workshops For Kids 2030, WHEN i GROW UP is launching the first edition introducing toddlers to social-emotional literacy and mindfulness.

The workshops are held every Saturday (October to December) from 10am to 1pm. The whole training methodology is based on learning through play. The programme is bilingual (French-English).

The mentors of the event:

- Irina Tudorache, psychologist specialised in child development and family issues. Irina is also working as an Education Supervisor in a well-known kindergarten chain from Luxembourg. She will be introducing the participants to social and emotional literacy by breaking down the programme into the four primary emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear.

- Irene Masiku, Happiness Life Coach and Kinesiologist, is introducing the participants to breathing and basic mindfulness techniques.

- Andra Matresu, founder of 2030, WHEN I GROW UP and  filmmaker, will be creating personalised memories (short films) for each young participant to mindfully look back to with pride and confidence.

Price: 89 EUR/workshop session if booked individually or 69 EUR/workshop session if you choose to invest in the entire 3 month program.

More info available on 2030, WHEN I GROW UP Facebook event.

Reserve tickets beforehand at 691 226 874 or [email protected]