"Faarweg Inspiration" Exhibition

Vernissage event Friday, 11 March from 17:00
38, route d'Esch L-1470

Exhibition runs 7 March through 3 June 2022
Gallery is open for visitors Mondays through Fridays between 9:00-17:00, or evenings/weekends by appointment. Please contact [email protected].


Heartstrings. It was in 2001 that I discovered painting as a means of expression. I do not seek to emulate the great masters or to follow a particular trend or style; my approach is completely personal. 

I find inspiration in the depths of my being as well as in the world around me. It is when events resonate in my inner world that my creative impulse begins. 

Through painting, I take an unconventional approach to contemporary art and I would like to share with you a vision where the ephemeral, the superfluous and the imaginary also have a place.



My art manifests itself in a perpetual search for expression, elaboration and coloring.

The diversity of my emotions and the need to shape them by searching, recovering, transforming and bringing to life what is hidden, forgotten, ignored or not yet revealed is what I try to express.

I experiment with any means of expression that can allow me to develop my “pictorial world” such as collage, painting, graphics or photography. 

My work shows as many doubts as assertions, weaknesses as strengths, and try to reveal parts of humanity. 

“I wish you a nice walk on my path where you can get lost between real and imaginary. "


  Romy Zangerle "Dancing bees" 100 x 70 cm   Romy Zangerle "Cherry blossom" 100 x 100 cm  Romy Zangerle "Ville" 30 x 30 cm   Eva Fayaud "Tasse de Thé" 160 x 205 cm  Eva Fayaud "Corona" Eva Fayaud "Elch" 160 x 160 cm