Landing a secure job used to be the ultimate goal. Nowadays, if you don't think at least once about starting your own venture it may almost feel like a failure. But what does it take to be an entrepreneur? A good idea for a product or a service does help. It is equally crucial, though, to figure out early on if you have the entrepreneurship GENE and if you'll enjoy the perks and headaches of going solo.

Ask yourself these three  key questions:
1) Am I comfortable with leaving security behind? (Because you will!)
2) Am I ready to commit time and money? (Because you'll have to!)
3) And am I willing to take responsibility? (Because without execution the best idea will remain an idea.)

In a nutshell, before taking a leap of faith you should go and hang out with other entrepreneurs. Test the waters at incubators and start-up events, work on networking, listening to and learning from other people’s experiences. This will help you see if entrepreneurship is in your DNA. And take the leap of faith if you are ready for it.

Have you found your entrepreneur gene? Do you have an idea you want to get out to the market? Let us help you.  Get in touch.

Patrizia Luchetta is Foundry's Marketing Manager, but also an entrepreneur building bridges between music and start-ups.

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