The core idea of Foundry is to bring resources together, creating an ecosystem where everyone benefits. For example, you could be a business that needs help with marketing material. As a Foundry member, you’ll be able to contact another member who may be a graphic design specialist. This could be a remote arrangement through our platform, or at Foundry itself in our Creative Area on the third floor.

This graphic design specialist may then be pursuing a venture you can help them with. Leading to further Foundry contacts, until soon everyone is helping each other to grow.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how does it actually work?

Foundry has different types of membership. Our members are sorted in Members and Program members.

The Foundry programme is open to companies in Luxembourg, and international companies or entrepreneurs establishing a base in Luxembourg European expansion. The submissions will be assessed by the Foundry committee, who will look for ideas with clear market validation. Each application will be looked through by our committee.

Foundry Members are the ones with skills to get those ideas out to market. You might, for example, be a creative; such as a designer, or an HR or legal professional. Whatever it is that may help companies on their journey to market.

As a Member, you can choose the pricing package that serves your needs and budget. The pricing starts from 120€ per month, including access to the Foundry platform, hotdesk usage and free access to workshops and events. Foundry also gives you the possibility of getting a dedicated desk for just 480€ per month, including everything mentioned before but also other added values, like the possibility to book meeting rooms for your own use up to four hours.

You can also bring your team to work at Foundry with 1 780€ per month. This package includes a private office room, suitable for 4-6 people, access to the meeting rooms, and company branding.

Others need your professional services to make their ideas happen, so get in touch. Let’s see how you could benefit from Foundry - and how others could benefit from your profession!

Kiran Nambiar is Foundry's Community Manager. He's the one who knows how you can get the most out of Foundry. He can help you to make the right connections to collaborate and grow your business.

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