Last Friday, Foundry opened its doors to everybody in Luxembourg to experience Foundry. But why is that, one may ask.

The answer is simple. At Foundry, we believe in bringing together the resources of all sort Luxembourg has to offer. Our goal is to be the place for people and businesses to grow together, leveraging the incredible talent and network Luxembourg has to offer. The place where the latest news across the business industry is shared and people build bridges between companies and industries.

And this cannot be done without actually bringing people together. We want to help people coming together by offering our space for you to use, and Free Foundry Fridays are for that.

We welcome everyone; freelancers, small businesses, early-stage startups, independent entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and so on to join us on Fridays. The only thing we ask is that you register before-hand to let us know you are coming!

The first edition of the Free Foundry Friday was attended by close to 20 people from various domains. The first Free Foundry Friday was followed by an after-work & networking event with more than 50 people in attendance. This gave the attendees a great opportunity to network, share ideas and, of course, have delicious traditional Venezuelan hot dogs and grooving to some good music.

Free Foundry Fridays will be a recurring event. We invite you to join us next Friday!

See you at Foundry!

Kiran Nambiar is Foundry's Community Manager. He's the one who knows how you can get the most out of Foundry. He can help you to make the right connections to collaborate and grow your business.

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