Last Friday of the Month Afterwork Friday, 31 January 2020 from 5pm till 9pm.

Foundry Luxembourg has the pleasure to invite you to their first "Last Friday of the Month Afterwork". Do you work or live in the neighborhood and want to chill-out with your colleagues, family or friends? Just stop by to enjoy some food, drinks and music, and discover our nice venue.
Our special dish of the evening: Hot dogs... with "everything"!

^^Perro con Todo / Hot Dogs Venezuelan Style^^

The hot dog is one of the most popular fast food dishes across the globe. As it is served all over the world, the dish is usually given a personal touch in each city it is being served - ingredients, sauces, bread, specific spices, etc.

Venezuelans are definitely part of the hot dog fan club and have created their very own version of this delicious dish. Eating a Venezuelan hot dog means having a whole array of ingredients – sauces and toppings - to be added at your discretion.  The most common dressings include tartar sauce, cabbage, stick fries, garlic sauce and guasacaca.

In Venezuela’s main cities there are hence many ways to ask for a “ hot dog”, but the most common phrase a hot dog seller will hear is: Dame un perro con todo “Give me a dog with everything”; which basically means a hot dog with all the available ingredients – no need to be frugal. So, when you taste a hot dog with Venezuelan seasoning you will enjoy a bite with a unique flavor, and chances are that you’ll order a second one with the famous phrase… “Give me a dog with everything”. Dame un "Perro con todo"!

Music by Ionn Connor and Gustavo Morales Aka Dj Ghost
Special guest: Ted Kayumba-Kasongo

Friday, 31 January 2020.
from 5pm till 9pm.

Hotdogs / Drinks / Music
Entrance: 5€ (1 Drink incl.)

Artwork by Gobi Izquierdo