‘Business Conversion Hub’ probably isn’t a term you’re familiar with, because until now it hasn’t existed. Foundry is the world’s first.

It’s where good business ideas are not just conceived, but made to happen – very different from an incubator which is solely concerned with the initial stages.

The new approach can be explained by Foundry’s origins as the brainchild of Luxembourg company MasonBower. They’re experts in developing business ideas and expansion plans by blending qualitative and quantitative research to measure market potential. This creates robust go-to-market strategies that also encompass marketing, branding and communications. This is then supported logistically at every step, from validation to final execution right across Europe.

In other words ‘conversion’ – enabling companies to convert ideas into results.

Up until now this unique know-how has been reserved for larger companies. MasonBower however have identified that Luxembourg is becoming a hotbed of new small and medium sized enterprises. Not only homegrown, but those around the world looking for a gateway into Europe.

These businesses need help in other ways. With scale-up strategies, for example, so their operations keep pace with market expansion. Or working space, especially if based outside Luxembourg. 

At the same time a wonderful building and grounds next to MasonBower became available. And so Foundry, the world’s first conversion hub, was born.

Foundry offers MasonBower's core services plus everything needed for European expansion. Some services like market planning, brand strategy and project management are available in-house and others through a trusted and growing network of specialists. Foundry Members can also collaborate easily through an innovative Foundry app.

Luxembourg has always been an incredibly business-friendly ecosystem for companies targeting Europe, due to its forward-thinking mindset. Foundry is a natural extension of this – attracting ideas and businesses to Luxembourg, but even more importantly making sure they grow.

In fact, you could say Foundry isn’t just a success story; it’s many success stories. 

Patrizia Luchetta is Marketing Manager of Foundry. She has been active within Luxembourg’s start-up and high-tech business community since 2010.

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