The One Soul Journey Another Level Creative Group, in collaboration with Foundry, has the pleasure to invite you to a soulful evening.

The One Soul Journey is a culmination of over 55 years of performances. Steeped in the music of Black America, it spans the genres of Gospel, Soul, R&B, Jump Blues and Jazz.

Randolph Melton Jr. tells the stories of African American life through the wit and wisdom of a veteran performer, blending the soul wrenching highs and lows that have punctuated his career. A rotating array of artists have performed with and contributed to this musical presentation. Joining this stage of the Journey is Pianist Bojan Perko.

Warm-up by young artist Maya. Born in Canada, Maya has grown up was surrounded by music and art, her dad being an artist. She always loved listening and singing along to different genres of music but the two that stuck with her were pop and jazz. Maya moved to Belgium at 7 and after finishing high school, she decided to debut her singing career in Europe. Singing her joy and happiness and she'd love to share it with the world.

Tickets 15€.